Past Events

An altar at a home

Walks&Talks at GeorgeTown Festival

August 15, 2017

Saints, warriors and wise advice are at the heart of the Malaysian story of the “Datuk”. Want to know more about this lovely deity who protects us and advises us in our daily lives? Then, come join us for a…

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Ancient religious figures

OF THIS PLACE: A little Malaysiana

July 26, 2017

OF THIS PLACE: GTF 2017 from July 28 to Sept 3 Ever wondered about all the small Chinese shrines along the street? A few years ago I started asking about them and those questions led me in to an exploration…

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A Photo With a Writing Side Angle

Gerak Geri’s beauty

April 10, 2017

Photographing intangible cultural heritage is integral to my being. “Gerak Geri” was a wonderful way to share that joy with so many friends and colleagues as we came together to appreciate the traditional performing arts in Malaysia. The power of…

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Gerak Geri Invitation in Black and White Copy

Gerak Geri

March 1, 2017

There is a therapeutic magic in the theater of rituals, a power to heal us with the echoes of ideas that carry us back through time and forward into the journey ahead. This body of work resonates with the power…

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Pop up exhibit for OBSCURA launch party

Pop-Up Exhibit for OBSCURA Launch Party

September 16, 2015

As a past participant in an OBSCURA Masterclass, I was invited to join this group pop-up exhibit at Awesome Gallery in KL (July 2015). The work was beautifully printed and mounted by A&I Imaging and Vig Nachname kissed it with his particular curatorial…

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Posters on display

Beautiful Banners at Gurney Plaza!

September 15, 2015

After the publication of his new book Festivals of Malaysia, Keith Hockton decided to display some of the images from the book at Gurney Plaza in Georgetown, Penang. Together with the great people at Georgetown Festival, Capita Malls put together this…

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A man holding a photobook

“The Beat of Our Souls” – in Penang Monthly Magazine!

September 10, 2014

When Kumpulan Kuda Kepang Parit Raja performed at Georgetown Festival 2014, they were presented with our recent article published in the August issue of Penang Monthly magazine. The photo essay, entitled The Beat of Our Souls, introduced Kuda Kepang rituals…

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Cover of Life & Times magazine

The Continuing Saga of Preserving Community Values

May 21, 2014

It’s always exciting to see one’s photos acknowledged and published. Who doesn’t revel in that?! In this case, the most recent publication of my photos is doubly rewarding because it validates an idea that has been a constant throughout my adult life. Back…

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Photo Description of Three Indian Women Walking

CJH Photography at PhotoMalaysia Exhibit

April 7, 2014

PhotoMalaysia has organized a self-curated “guerilla” exhibit for its membership. There are several photographers exhibiting along the walkways at Publika Mall in Sri Hartamas. The show runs from April 5-19, 2014.  My contribution is there in the form of “Women…

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Image essays on Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Penang Monthly

Photo Essay in Penang Monthly

October 11, 2013

My words and photos in this month’s Penang Monthly!  My copies arrived on the same day as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival tour for the Malaysian Culture Group. Also today a devotee at the Ampang temple gave me a copy of…

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