Full-Powered Energy at City God Temple

Once again, during the 7th lunar month, I returned to the City God temple on the river in Brickfields. The resident deity, Chenghuangshen, is a protector of the urban environment. Perhaps that is the attraction. Perhaps it’s also the fluid combination of both Chinese and Hindu beliefs. Whatever it is, it’s strong! Although I am usually determined to photograph other ritual elements, when I am at this celebration it is the powerful energy of the”tang-ki” that pulls me in. They are all-pervasive and the idea of ritual as entertainment is in full throttle. Their 5-hour procession takes them from Brickfields, into Chinatown, to Bukit Bintang, then back, with altars to honour the gods lining the roads all the way.  Here are a few images of what I saw the night of the annual procession 2017.