CJH Photography at PhotoMalaysia Exhibit

PhotoMalaysia has organized a self-curated “guerilla” exhibit for its membership. There are several photographers exhibiting along the walkways at Publika Mall in Sri Hartamas. The show runs from April 5-19, 2014.  My contribution is there in the form of “Women thru the bus window, Jaipur” – a selection of photos that I took while riding the bus from Jaipur to Delhi in February of 2013.

I started the journey with expectation, my senses awed by the activity and colour. But on the back of my camera, there was a different world, a place that was raw and honest, that demanded my focus.  The experience was humbling.  My camera clicks captured fleeting moments along the road, split seconds that revealed something universal.  To be a witness to such humanity while being immediately distanced from any human interaction left me disturbed and perplexed.  At moments it was as if I was still and India was moving past me. I found myself often turning around, looking back, hungering for more.

I travelled in India with a quote from Tagore as my mantra – “Listen, my heart, to the whispers of the world.”  I invite you to hear what my heart heard through the bus window.  Please have a look at the photos on the gallery here on the website http://cjhphotography.photoshelter.com/gallery/Women-viewed-thru-the-bus-window-Jaipur/G0000JBfs.5yGeEg/C0000KTedne2EpdU. Or, better yet, get to Publika before April 19 to have a look at the work of all the photographers!