OF THIS PLACE: A little Malaysiana

OF THIS PLACE: GTF 2017 from July 28 to Sept 3

Ever wondered about all the small Chinese shrines along the street? A few years ago I started asking about them and those questions led me in to an exploration of my most favourite part of Malaysiana – the worship of the Datuk deity. OF THIS PLACE is an introduction to “the Datuk” and an invitation to explore the streets and define “the Datuk” for yourself. There are some explanations of the images in the exhibit on my website: www.cheryljhoffmann.com .

The images are on the street – big, bold and beautiful – in front of the Cantonese Association on Chulia Street in George Town, Penang. Their proximity to the sacred tombs of revered Indian Muslim community leaders is a connection intended to display the respect of Malaysians for the patterns of historical geography. This is what happened! Come see the work and think about all that has come to pass and all that lies ahead.

Please come visit the images anytime from July 28 to Sept 3. I will be giving a Walk and Talk about the exhibit and the little gems of Datuk shrines in the surrounding area, on August 27th at 9am. Check the GTF 2017 website or my Facebook page CJHPhotography for details.