Nine From The Magical 8th 

The eighth day at the Nine Emperor Gods festival is a comfortable one. The established patterns linger amidst the anticipation of the finale on the ninth. The day’s rituals are inclusive, rich in blessing and in energy. Here are nine images from the eighth – rain, feathers, laughter, prayer and a whole lot of comfortable. 

1. A little rain to cleanse the ground and help the stars to shine. 

2. Offerings arranged with panache. 

3. Camaraderie in a serious game. 

4. Opera performer out for a treat before the show. 

5. If our fortune can be told, these guys will tell it. Year after year. 

6. I’m jealous of Jack who gets to hold the crown, only because of those feathers. 

7. This is how it feels to be wearing exactly the right thing for the occasion! 

8. Where the God walks the streets are paved in gold. 

9. Look towards the heavens and feel blessed.