Being Reminded in the Beginning

There is an interesting energy on the eve of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. For me it is a day of looking back and of looking forward, of seeking to remember what lies ahead. It always feels a little empty at first, even though the moments are significant and the smiles are filled with recognition and respect.

I am reminded of the power of the written word and how much I love the graphic nature of Chinese characters. I am reminded of how I seem to understand, without understanding at all. I am reminded of the protection that the talisman offers. I am reminded of the yellow bands to be tied around everything I cherish because it might just bring luck, it might just ward off the lurking evil. I am reminded of the smoke and the heat, and the chaos, and the way the light falls in the temple in the afternoon. I am reminded that for the next nine days this world is going to demand my attention and my creative energies. I am reminded of the cycle of belief. I remember to believe in myself and in what is to come. I can’t imagine a time when I might not be there, although I am reminded that anything is possible.

All of those thoughts run through my head before the new moon has risen on the ninth lunar month. What a beginning!

Here are nine images about being reminded.