Balancing in the Final Two Days of Nine Emperor Gods Festival

The week has gone by so quickly! Here we are with only two days remaining in the festival. It’s an interesting time to be at the temple – the energy is high and there’s a lot to do, but a sense of peacefulness has settled over the grounds. The days have a rhythm, prayers are humble and commerce is good. Tradition has been upheld and is strong in its past and hopeful in its future. I was there last night and it felt balanced – just as it is supposed to. Shadow and Light, Yin and Yang…

We are waiting for the usual rain, adding an element of expectancy to the atmosphere and the photographers are enjoying the special light that comes with clear skies.

Tonight – Oct 15th 7pm – Bridge Crossing. Tomorrow – Oct 16th evening – Firewalking. Yin and Yang coming in to balance as we send off the Emperor. Much will happen in the balancing act. Come and enjoy the energy and be open to the possibilities.