After the Glow – A stillness returns to Ampang Kau Ong Yah

At the riverside, when we sent the Emperor back to the heavens, a yellow glow hung in the air, reminding us of the belief that powers the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. When we returned to the temple we met a different scene – a stillness, emphasized by the haze of blue fluorescent lights. Where there had been thousands of people, there remained only a few. It was almost 5am and while workers dismantled the vendors stalls, the aunties packed up their belongings and waited patiently for family to take them home. The coals of the fire-walking pit still smoked; the opera stage was quiet; people sat alone in the empty environment. Most significantly the vegetarian element of the festival was gone – a pig’s head sitting symbolically on the kitchen table. We were all tired, and all claiming to have been reenergized and hoping that would be true after a good rest.

Lots has happened since I last posted at the end of Day 2, and I will get those photos up when time permits. For now, I would like to share with you the moment of zen.