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I always wonder how we got here, once again, so quickly. This is the beginning; the cycle of renewal; new energies layered on top of the years gone by. On the eve of the festival, it’s all about the smoke and the cleansing and the invitation to participate, once again. It is all so beautifully articulated.


There is cleansing power in smoke. The urn is carried through the entire sacred space of the temple to prepare for the arrival of the Emperor.

Much needs to be done. Here, father, son (and maybe holy ghost) team up to ensure it all happens.

No space is left unattended.

Reverence is key to all the blessings

The rain made it appear that the roads are paved with gold!

The serious business of the arrival of the Emperor is evident in the effort.

It’s a good sign when it’s raining fire as the Emperor arrives.

Mrs Lau is back! May the party begin.


Author Cheryl

Rarely without my camera, I am inspired by energy in a crowd, the peacefulness of light, and the intensity of spirit. Based in Malaysia, I photograph rituals and traditions, ceremonies and celebrations, beliefs and ideas.

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