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Protecting the sacred space of the festival is the priority of the rituals held on Days 3, 6 and 9. These rituals are designed to honour the 5 Taoist Generals and the spiritual armies of soldiers that arrive at the temple and take up residency (metaphorically) at the five compass points of the temple grounds. The mediums are tasked with channeling the energy of the Deities and undertaking feats of impressive strength and poise. These skilled tang-ki “take one for the team”, impressing devotees and visitors alike!

The Tang-ki line up at the altar of the 5 Generals and enter a state of trance together.

Ah Bee, channeling the General Guan Ti, wields a sharp sword.

“Crazy” Jack Tan channeling the energy of Xiong Teh Kong, the patron deity of soldiers, swinging a spiked metal ball.

Stanley channeling Zhong Tan Yuan Shuai, the marshal of the spiritual armies.

Ah How carrying a big sword while channeling the fierce, black faced warrior Fa Zhu Kong

The unparalleled Ah Boon Sifu channeling the energy of the central deity of the festival, the revered Kow Wong Yeah.


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