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Kau Ong Yah 2014 in Ampang, Invitation Day

By September 23, 2014Nine Emperor Gods Festival


Welcome to Tokong Kau Ong Yah Ampang! The space is as beautiful and welcoming as ever. There is even yin and yang in a small hand full of rice! The lantern pole is up and the gang is ready to, once again, make this festival a wonderful experience.

We are ready to talk to the Gods for you.


We are ready to help you with prayer items.


We are ready to pray for your health and prosperity.


We are ready to cook vegetarian food for you.


We are ready to work hard to keep the place clean for you.


We are ready to accept your donations.

And if you have any questions – just ask Koh Ping! At least that’s what everyone tells me to do!!

NEG14-1359Please come by and say hello. This evening (Sept 23rd) is the big procession to invite the Emperors to the temple. They are staging the floats already.

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