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Finishing Touches on the Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang

Interesting start – to say “finishing” – but a year of renovations are almost complete and the Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang is looking quite exquisite. Inside and out it glistens. I quite thought that I wouldn’t like it, as my preference is usually for dark, smoky and worn. But the place is glowing with a renewed energy and ready for the 2010 Nine Emperor Gods festival.
The Nine Emperor Gods festival this year is longer, not the usual nine days. It will start on October 3, 2010 by collecting the spirit Emperor from the river.  The next evening, October 4, 2010 there will be a grand procession that will wind through the streets of Ampang for hours and will culminate in moving the deities back in to main temple.  The festival will run until October 16th when the Emperor is returned to the heavens until next year.
Here are a few photos to give you a sneak preview of how the Nine Emperor Gods temple in Ampang is shaping up.

The Main Altar is ready to receive the Emperor

This is one huge piece of stone! The Nine dragons for the Nine Emperors

Ceiling Detail of the Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang

A detail of the Nine Emperors’ story, carved in stone

That's the Beginning!


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