Malaysian Culture Group Photo Shoot at Thaipusam, Batu Caves

February 6th is the beginning of the annual Hindu Thaipusam celebration this year. It is a photogenic cacophony of color, emotion and light.  Hallway Events is leading a tour of Malaysian Culture Group members to Batu Caves on February 5th, when the festival will already be in full swing.  We are going early to catch the best light and will work on our photography skills in a very stimulating environment.  It isn’t easy in such circumstances to stay calm and think about how to best photograph the moment, but what a great way to challenge yourself as a photographer!

A few days before our visit to Batu Caves, we will get together for an introduction to Thaipusam.  I honestly believe that if you have a better of idea of what is going on around you, you can better anticipate the photographs.  Response is good.  Planning is better.  We will also review camera settings, adjusting to changing light and a few tips for better photos .  I will be showing some of my Thaipusam photo collection and talking about the importance of shooting with intent.

I love the spirit of Thaipusam and I love to photograph it.  Sharing my enthusiasm with other photographers is a joy.  I expect that we will come away tired and sweaty and with some good work to share.  Stay posted for the results!