Going Places KL Nov 6 2010

Yesterday, I used a rather mundane stroll to the bank to explore and learn something about my own photography skills.  And hence, the first post in a series called Going Places.   The idea here is to just go out and see what happens.  As Dr. Seuss says “Go right along, You’ll start happening too!”

Here is my intro shot.  It shows my apartment building taken from a vantage point at the Mandarin Oriental, at the halfway point of my jaunt.  I like the way this shot makes me feel oh so urbane.

Route: From Jln Tun Razak, through KLCC park to Jln Sultan Ismail, back through Pavilion Mall, stop for a workout at the gym at KLCC, then back through the park to home.  Time: 2pm to 6pm

Assignment:  Look, look, look. Use only a 50mm lens (ugh). Slow down and shoot with intent, but shoot.

There was so much to shoot – Saturday afternoon in KLCC – color, diversity, action, greenery, and of course those totally awesome towers.  Quick story here: I even got flashed by a crazy guy (no joke!) near the bank.  I swung my camera behind me as I passed him and quickly snapped a couple of shots without turning around, but damn that 50mm lens, I missed the capture!  I couldn’t/wouldn’t share those photos anyway as I would have to change the rating of the blog.

Okay – back to the Saturday afternoon jaunt and all the good experiences.

I did head out thinking that there might be remnants of Deepavali.  This kolam was still on the floor of the mall but damaged.  So I photographed it as a fragment.  I’m sure it will be swept away at the end of the weekend.  It’s a time marker for the shoot.

A strange juxtaposition that asks viewers to think about what is going on.  I like the idea of using this Disney poster as a backdrop and may go back and sit there until the security guards ask me to leave.  They were lurking around, poor guys, and too afraid to confront me!

Last mall shot, promise.  There was a fashion show just starting and so I wandered around and ended up shooting this from upstairs.  I did ride the escalator a few times, up and down, and there were some interesting angles, but I didn’t capture anything I liked as much as this one.  Good line, good repetition and if I had to choose, this would be my shot of the day.

It rained for a bit and I had to step inside the Convention Center to avoid ruining my camera.  It is always a happening place and this weekend was no exception.  They were hosting the “2nd Exhibition of The Largest Quality Design of Indonesian Handicraft”.  Catchy title.  Loving Indonesians as I do, I skirted the security guards and wandered through so that I could impress a few easy to impress Indonesians with the fact that I once lived in Surabaya.  And there, in amongst the batik samples, was the second fashion show of the day.   I had no idea when starting out, how fashionable the day would turn out to be.

When the rain stopped it was 5 pm and the air was clear and cooler, and the park was glowing.  It made me feel so lucky to be there.  It also made me think that I should be out with my camera everyday at 5 pm!

In contrast to the mall, KLCC park provides some solace from the concrete and plastic, and noise.  I love these trees and the late afternoon light was pleasant.  Not my usual subject matter or style so I had to give it a try, even though I recognize my limitations.

The whole scene was a joyous chorus of color.  I chose not to stop here for long and I did not shoot this particular shot “on assignment”, meaning that I did not follow my own rules and shoot this slowly and with intent.  But it was fun to just point and shoot and secretly admire the saffron robes.

I’m sure that you have been waiting for the tower shots!  But I’m only going to share this one.  I find those buildings irresistible and so you know I took more than this.  But you go first!  I’ve been looking at those official “Photo Points” that are around the park with the maps and signs.  Some day I am going to go to all of them and check out the angles.

The Asy Syakirin Mosque at KLCC, where I shot this light and shadow, is only a few blocks from the place I call home.  It is a beautiful building and nicely aligned to Mecca but also to reflect light in the early morning and late afternoon.  A lot of photographers hang out there so it’s a great place to meet and share ideas.  Here are a couple of examples that pop up in a quick Google search.  I don’t personally know either of these photographers but I’m glad that they took these shots. http://mohamadfazli.deviantart.com ; “Rana Pipien” I’m also glad that they graciously share some information about the mosque.

Here is the end of the photoshoot marker – time and place. So, there you have it.  A jaunt with a camera that just begins to explore the opportunities out there.  Oh, the places you’ll go!