Connecting & Reconnecting

This story comes from a cluster of Hindu temples under the high tension wires in Kampung Eng Ann, Klang. Here communities gather to reclaim their attachment to sacred space, generations after being separated from their land. We found ourselves there, following the lure of urumee melam and the promise of reconnection, and encountered a small community of worshippers in the midst of offerings to the powerful Goddess Periyachi. The rituals started at a temple to the “Datuk”, built over an ant hill that has been home to a protector spirit and revered by the community for a century. Here they opened their souls to the gods, men and women in physical and spiritual transformation, an invitation to be observant, honest, and a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The images were taken at the 25th anniversary festival of Kuil Sri Maha Batrakaliamman in Klang, Aug 10, 2019.