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Dancing with the Dalang

By August 14, 2017Geographer Photographer
The Think City space on the edge of Medan Pasar in Kuala Lumpur came to life with a performance by Kumpulan Sri Warisan Pusaka – the beloved Wayang Kulit troupe from Kelantan. Organized by Pusaka, they performed a traditional story of monsters and maidens from the Ramayana, told with humour and empathy. I understand very few of the words. Never mind. To be in that sacred space with the mesmerizing movements of the Dalang, embraced by the percussive rhythms and the haunting serundai, was at moments almost too much for my heart.

Author Cheryl

Rarely without my camera, I am inspired by energy in a crowd, the peacefulness of light, and the intensity of spirit. Based in Malaysia, I photograph rituals and traditions, ceremonies and celebrations, beliefs and ideas.

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