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Nine From Hong San Si Temple in Klang

Earlier this week, I visited this lovely Nine Emperor Gods temple in Klang. It’s been around for 60 years and, by the looks of it, it’s got a long life ahead of it. With strong Buddhist influences, this temple is all about the sacred smoke, even taking a palanquin on procession that holds the smoking urn. I also loved the responsibilities that this temple entrusts to the children; and they make their own pau for praying right in the temple! It exudes enthusiasm and camaraderie. It’s neat and tidy, beautifully finished and full of welcoming friends. Here are a few shots from my evening there. Thanks to LG Ong, the temple’s head medium, who took a lot of time to introduce us to the many endearing aspects of this temple.


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Rarely without my camera, I am inspired by energy in a crowd, the peacefulness of light, and the intensity of spirit. Based in Malaysia, I photograph rituals and traditions, ceremonies and celebrations, beliefs and ideas.

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